The best balers and shear/balers

Why are our Baler/Loggers and Shear/Baler/Loggers the best on the market?

Tired of seeing mountains of unprocessed inventory  in your scrap yard? Do you want to turn your business around and improve your earnings? Then you're in the right place! Choose the latest generation balers and shears and take a quantum leap!

GPS Balers and Shears are simply the BEST. Here is why.

Each GPS machine contains over 30 years of experience in the ELV and scrap recycling industry and above all listening to the needs of our customers.
Each of them helped to create highly efficient machines:
– testing productivity in the field,
– testing the quality and reliability of the components,
– helping us to improve after-sales service.

Today, GPS systems are the result of this collaboration and future ones, guaranteeing a  product that will always be one step ahead of the competition.

By choosing GPS ferrous and non-ferrous scrap processing solutions, you get the highest possible productivity with the least processing time, reducing your process costs and significantly improving the cost per ton ratio of the final product.

What differentiates GPS machines from those of the competition?

custom configuration
great production flexibility
smaller capital investments
Increased daily capacity
Lower consumption
Longer equipment life
Lower maintenance costs
Components of the highest quality
Quick after-sales service

M-Generation Baler/Loggers

Versatile Design and Mobility.

If you are looking for maximum flexibility and totally personalized configuration, choose the M-Generation baler & loggers.


World's Best mobile or stationary Baler/Logger

If you have high to very high productivity requirements, there is only one baler & logger that can do this job.

M-Generation Shear/Baler/Loggers

Versatile and multi-purpose shears and balers

Shear/Balers designed to work in harsh environments, specially designed for the treatment of large quantities of scrap.

HS Giant Shear/Baler/Loggers

Infinite Destructive Power.

The real masters of any demolition yard, specially designed for the treatment of large daily quantities of scrap. A real power horse.

Why a GPS shear or baler

Over 35 years of experience in the industry

Maximum customer attention

Highest overall equipment quality

Quick and efficient after-sales service

Global distributor network

What advantages does GPS offer?

Smaller capital investment

Increased daily capacity

Lower energy costs

Longer equipment life 

Lower maintenance costs

Need help?

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