GIANT HS Scrap shear baler series

Giant HS series
Heavy duty scrap shear baler
1000 | 1200 | 1400 tons

Endless destructive power

Heavy duty work horses.

Processed materials:

HMS1 – HMS2 – Plate and structural – Beams – Pipes – Foundry scrap

Cars – Sheet iron


Shearing: up to 55 tons per hour
Logging: up to 40 tons per hour

*based on configuration

Main Technical Specifications

Shear Force: 1000 tons | 1200 tons | 1400 tons
Hold-down: 190 tons | 250 tons
Baling Force: 
190 tons
Lid Force: 410 tons | 500 tons
Log size: 900 x 600 x Var. (35.4" x  24" x Var)
Folding Box Length: 7 m (23 ft) or 9 m (29.5 ft)
Rams per lid: 3 | 4 each lid

Features & Benefits

Diesel engines or electric motors.
Self-sufficient (D) vs. lowest running/maintenance cost (E).

Remote control.
Reduce operator cost by running the baler directly from the feeding crane.

Preloading table.
Increase productivity of the shear.

Designed To Work In Rough Environments

This heavy duty scrap shear baler is the true master of the scrap yard as this series has been specifically designed for high volume scrap processing.

These multidimensional machines are able to shear, log and bale high quantities of material day in – day out and are therefore designed to keep up with your productivity requirements. They will guarantee all the flexibility you may need in your scrap yard. They are made of a very robust and heavy construction, this is most noteworthy because these scrap shears boast all the finest and top of the line components, all aimed at keeping your cost per ton processing cost as low as possible.

The GIANT HS scrap shear baler loggers are high productivity scrap processing machines.

These machines have been designed to treat day in day out a wide variety of materials including car shells, mixed light scrap, HMS1, HMS2, sheet metal, tin, white goods, foundry scrap, plate and structural, pipes and beams.

Besides shearing, these shears will produce logs with an average density between 400/500 kg/cubic meter (25 to 35 lbs/cubic foot). This is, for example, the typical density of a car log.

The machine features a box of 7 meter (23 ft) with a force of 410 tons per lid or a 9 meter (29.5 ft) box with a staggering force of 500 tons per lid!

Average productivity:

Shearing tons/hr
up to 40
up to 47
up to 55
Logging tons/hr
up to 40
up to 40
up to 40

The machines rigorously mount Bosch / Rexroth components. The structure is equipped with a lid and a mobile side. The tank-shaped compaction box offers the possibility of loading a large quantity of scrap. All the plates in contact with scrap are lined with abrasion resistant Hardox 450 wear plates.

The speed and method of feeding, regularity of feed material dimension in addition to in-feed material type and density, the length as well as other external factors can influence the performance of the equipment. After the installation, it’s recommendable to check the real on-site productivity. Due to previously mentioned factors productivity and results can vary considerably from installation to installation.