Why GPS Recycling

Why should you choose GPS as your partner?

By choosing our Shear/Baler/Loggers you not only buy a powerful and innovative machine, but you have at your disposal a competent, available, and reliable Partner who knows the ins and outs of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap processing for over 30 years.
You then gain experience born directly in the field and from attentive listening to the needs of our customers, combined with the continuous study of the industrial recycling industry and the constant implementation of new technologies to obtain maximum productivity at the lowest processing cost.

The Customer and his needs are at the heart of our work.

Achieving high quality standards to meet and exceed the needs of our customers is our goal. For 30 years we have been studying the needs of the industrial recycling sector of ferrous scrap and bodywork ensuring highly efficient solutions, capable of making a difference.
A close and continuous collaboration with customers allows us to improve the quality of hydraulic, electronic, and structural components of the machines, verify the productivity and speed of the systems in relation to the materials treated and constantly improve the after-sales service, ensuring timely interventions.
Todays GPS Baler/Loggers and Shear/Baler/Loggers are the result of this collaboration, which guarantees a top-level product, always one step ahead of the competition.

How can we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers?

Constantly working with two main objectives:
significantly reduce processing costs per tonne of scrap
increase the flexibility of our solutions
This allows us to offer highly efficient machines, always one step ahead of the competition. Find out more about our scrap Balers and scrap Shears.

Reduce costs per tonne

We are well aware that to improve the business result you have to reduce the cost per tonne of the processed material. This allows you to get a much higher profit margin. That’s why we design our machines with this goal in mind! GPS Balers and  Shear/Baler/Loggers allow you to achieve greater productivity with less processing time. Start earning more now, take advantage of our advice, contact us.

GPS. A constantly evolving success story.

The GPS Balers and Shears were born thanks to the great legacy left by Lollini International, an Italian company that designed the first mobile machines for scrap processing.

GPS continues the production of a part of the Lollini Balers and Loggers range. For example, the Predator GPS Baler/Logger, keeps the kinematics of the well-known Lollini AL5000 baler, associating it with a modern, redesigned hydraulic, electric, and electronic system updated to today’s standards.

Today GPS is the reference point for Lollini in the world, a competent and reliable contact able to provide service and spare parts or to trade in the old machinery of this historic brand.
Contact us for assistance and spare parts on the Lollini Balers
Contact us if you want to trade in your Lollini Baler with a new machine 

And if you are still not convinced, call us, we will be happy to talk about your doubts or your needs!!