Aplatissuers mobiles M-Generation

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M5 & M6 portable baler and loggers

Experience and innovation

Very versatile scrap baler & car or ELV logger available in following versions:

Self-loading structure with hydraulic jack-legs
Hooklift adaption
Fully mobile on trailer

Processed materials:

Metal scrap
Medium sized cars
Sheet iron
White goods


Baling: up to 14 tons per hour
Logging: up to 23 tons per hour

*based on configuration

Main Technical Specifications

Baling Force: 160 tons.
Lid Force: 200/220 tons.
Bale size: 800/880 x 650 x Var. (30″/34″ x  25″ x Var)
Folding Box Length: 5 m (16.4 ft) or 6 m (19.7 ft) suited for longer materials or vehicles.

Features & Benefits

Diesel engines or electric motors.
Self-sufficient (D) vs. lowest running/maintenance cost (E).
Remote control.
Reduce operator cost by running the baler directly from the feeding crane.
Bale eject door.
Reduces cycle time by automatically ejecting the bale.
Hydraulic lifting jack legs.
Maximum flexibility. Lift and go.
Total mobility guaranteed.

Versatile design and modular scrap baler for efficient ELV logging and scrap baling.

The M-Generation portable baler and logger features several different options and configurations in order to guarantee the maximum possible flexibility.

The charging box features three! powerful rams per lid generating a staggering 200 tons of force on the lid and on the side compression lid. This is way more power than any other baler in this segment.

The M-Generation is a very flexible range of portable baler and loggers.

These machines have been designed to treat a wide variety of materials including car shells, mixed light scrap, HMS1, HMS2, sheet metal, tin, white goods as well as a large range of non-ferrous scrap.

The M-generation will produce logs with an average density between 400/500 kg/m3 (25 to 35 lbs/ft3). This is, for example, the typical density of a car log. It can also produce bales with a higher density ranging between 1250 and 1450 kg / m3 (80 to 90 lbs/ft3).

This portable baler and loggers range includes three models with different installed power to meet the most varied production needs.
The ECO version is equipped with a 145 HP diesel engine or a 90 kW electric motor and is suitable for those customers who have limited production needs.
The best-selling model is equipped with a 165 HP diesel engine or a 130 kW electric motor.
The top of the range, the HS version, is equipped with a 190 HP engine (160 kW in the electric version) and features a very fast cycle.

Average productivity:

M5/M6 HS
Bales/Logs #/hr
Logs ton/hr
Bales ton/hr

The machines rigorously mount Bosch / Rexroth components. The structure is equipped with a lid and a mobile side. The tank-shaped compaction box offers the possibility of loading a large quantity of scrap. All the plates in contact with scrap are lined with abrasion resistant Hardox 450 wear plates.

The various options include: a bale/log ejection door, a loading crane with cab equipped with joystick controls (available also with lifting cab version), hydraulic legs for lifting and loading on a trailer, RORO adaption for hook-loaders, locking system on the trailer with container quick-lock system and the Data Pack.

The speed and method of feeding, regularity of feed material dimension in addition to in-feed material type and density, the length as well as other external factors can influence the performance of the equipment. After the installation, it’s recommendable to check the real on-site productivity. Due to previously mentioned factors productivity and results can vary considerably from installation to installation.