If you are here reading this Blog, then you’re either looking for recycling machinery or (like us) love machinery.

The task of selecting recycling machinery to do a job is always very difficult. You’re never sure until some time after any machine is installed if you made a good choice or bad choice.

There is a lot more to machines that meets the eye.  Hunting for a good machine that’s right for you can be tricky to say the least. So much “know how” of the manufacturer does not appear in any brochure or machine description. This type of information is kept fairly secret and it’s normally the accumulation of years of hard work making constant improvements to machines. It’s the result of sending machines to site and then monitoring how they run.  We all want to be better than our competitors so even if they ( our competitors)  tie us to a chair and rip our fingernails out we’ll never tell them how we solved a problem and why we are better than they are…

Recycling Machinery by GPS Processing Solutions

With recycling machinery, the bad news is that it is even worse than in other industries because the problem is always the scrap.  So for example if we were transporting sand through a machinery the sand is fairy uniform.. Now lets think about  scrap. No two loads of scrap fed to a machine are ever the same and so it’s hard to foresee how a machine will handle scrap..

What type of recycling machinery do you really need?

The only way to answer the question..”what machine is needed for our types of scrap” is to  know, having witnessed a particular  machine’s performance on site with various scrap types..

Buyers who invest in a low priced recycling machinery, who went for a deal that seemed too good to be true (as their first ever machine normally)  often end up with burnt fingers. The machines don’t perform, they either don’t have the hoped for capacity or they are unreliable or the product they make is not very good quality..

All above mentioned problems are like a cancer to any company and should be avoided. However without experience it’s hard to get the job of selecting any machine right. So if you are considering machinery, the cheapest (no matter how tempting the price is)  is often not the best and in most cases it is the worst.  Why? Because a badly manufactured or badly conceived machine will never perform, and they are almost impossible to put right..

Check the running cost

Don’t just look at the price tag, also consider the running cost, here is an example:

If you are spending for example 15 Euro per ton to shear (with the wrong machine, and this is a common figure for badly made machines) when you could be spending just 7 Euro per ton (with the right machine) then every 100,000 tons you processed you’ve paid and extra 800,000 in processing costs (800,000 will buy you a new heavy duty shear!) But it doesn’t stop there, shearing can cost as little as 4 or 5 per ton. So is the cheap machine robbing you of your profit, and your future? And this means that all the time the machine is being used on site it will be holding back your business from growing  Instead it’s like a weight the company has to carry..

Unfortunately this happens more than scrap companies care to admit.  But it’s noticeable the second time a company wants to buy a machine, they may still not know for sure what they want, but the are 100% clear what they don’t want.. It’s a hard and painful way to learn for clients in our industry  We do our best to give the best assistance we can, sometimes we know that “saying it like it is” to use a well known expression doesn’t win you any friends and potentially will lose us orders but in the long run it’s better to lose an order than sell the wrong machine to a client.

Pierluigi Sambolino