Speaking with different scrap companies who are buying ELV end of life vehicles for baling or processing it seems odd to me that considering the cars are roughly the same and always either large family  cars, medium cars or city cars, the opinion about what lids work the best varies so much.  GPS have two styles of car baler lids if you check our website, the M5 & M6 style which are a kind of wrap around system and the Predator which have a wrap around but with the addition of a hammer lid that doubles the lid forces.  Both work differently but achieve ultimately the same result, they determine the height and width of the ELV car bale, the length is determined by the long pusher rams.  Even though the ELV car baler main pusher rams on the M5 & M6 and predator seem to get all the credit for “making the car bale” because they are the biggest cylinders installed on the car baler (any car baler in fact ),  if you look at the cylinders singularly, yes they get all the  “glory” as we say (and get to brag about it in the bar with a beer!), ironically it’s the lids cylinders that have the most difficult job to do.

When you’re processing old scrapped cars, the bit which is most challenging is closing the lids, not the final compaction of making the bale, by this I mean from the operators point of view.  It’s important to note that when you read specifications about car balers, much of what is written does not actually tell you what you need to know, presumably if you’re reading this blog, you’re interested in processing ELVs, (if not you should get a life!)


So why do I say the specifications are meaningless? Here’s why. Archimedes of born c. 287 bce, Syracuse, Sicily [Italy]—died 212/211 bce, Syracuse.. (So he didn’t travel much).. And don’t all rush. He didn’t make balers either!  Ok what did Archimedes say about balers. Nothing directly but a he encapsulated a very important point relating your baler lids in the following phrase  “Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.” which means to you and me.. The same hydraulic cylinder applied with different leverage lengths will give you different forces on the lids, so well applied they give more force on the lids and badly applied they give less force.  Engineering is like Mathematics, its fact and not opinion.  So it’s not enough just to look at cylinder forces as listed, it’s also the mechanical part of the baler and how it takes advantage of the available forces from the cylinders that is the important bit.  And there we have it! So the mechanical design of the lids is as important as the stated cylinder forces, its a shame that the design side is never really pointed to, and does this explain why I get such strongly manifested opinions from clients for or against, but in many cases I realise that maybe they’re a bit myopic in their views and don’t do what I call good business by looking impartially at what’s being presented.

And if you’re thinking I’m wrong, then the alternative is even worse considering that maybe my lids with exceptionally good leverages will close on a scrap car that your lids won’t.. What does that mean, your cylinders don’t give the same force as you were promised?  This is a worrying thought to have while your there depolluting your ELV’s getting them ready for the car car baler to crush them into bales and then send the bales to a shredder as shredder feed. So as said, we have two systems of lids at GPS on your car crushers. The M5 and M6 have a kind of deep feeding box with a lid that comes from the top and can wrap round the scrapped car, a bit like your own fingers when you pick up some sand on the beach for example, this system is easy to use if you put the scrap or scrap car insides the box without any hanging over the edge.. It’s’  just one sweeping movement, the Predator  is more like you have your palm up facing toward the sky and you still wrap your fingers up as if you want to crush say an empty aluminium drink can (UBC) but in addition we have a lid that comes down from the top (hinged where your wrist is if we use the idea of your hand still)  and this pushes down on your fingers doubling the the force, it’s a bit like when you use both hands to crush up something into a ball you have more force than one hand alone.  This is the real difference and advantage about our designs for car balers and car crushers.. Opinions evaporate when surrounded by facts.

So if you keep in mind that we’re very tuned to the mechanical advantages and applications of forces at GPS and contact us for a quote, for sure we’ll be offering you a truly competitive and well conceived piece of equipment..  So credit where credit is due.. Thank you Archimedes for showing the way.. And If you hadn’t died 1800 years ago you’d be head of engineering at GPS by now for sure!